Spring CMEF 2018

1970-01-01 08:33:38

New Ultrasound and Endoscopy Solutions at 79th CMEF in Shanghai

The largest annual medical trade fair in East Asia and the second largest in the world, the Chinese International Medical Equipment Fair is an event not to be missed. Held this April in the world renowned international city of Shanghai on the east coast of China, it is one of the most prestigious medical trade fairs of the year as visitors saw over 15,000 different medical products on display from thousands of different manufacturers from all over the world. A growing and leading trade fair for the medical industry that also exemplifies the growing influence of Chinese medical manufacturers upon the medical world. Influential medical manufacturers such as our very own SonoScape, providing innovative medical solutions for ultrasound and endoscopy fields and continuing to provide improved, accessible healthcare.

On the first day, SonoScape had already taken center stage and stolen the spot light at the 79th CMEF with a stunning opening ceremony demonstrating the latest endoscopy and ultrasound solutions for visitors at the 79th CMEF. In addition the powerful HD-500 endoscopy system and P50 trolley based ultrasound system were available for visitors to see first-hand and so they could see for themselves the amazing high quality images and enhancement technologies from these two powerful systems. Alongside them SonoScape also had on display a full line of trolley and portable based ultrasound systems along with the latest portable ultrasound systems from the X series and the E series from SonoScape.

After the opening ceremony, visitors were invited to see for themselves the amazing medical solutions SonoScape can provide for them. Allowing visitors to interact and to experience the comfortable ergonomics and impressive imaging enhancement technologies from SonoScape.

Such as the VIST imaging enhancement technologies found in SonoScape’s HD-500 high definition endoscopy system. VIST, formally known as Variable Intelligent Staining Technology, is a chromoendoscopy technology developed by SonoScape to enhance the contrast of the image without darkening the image. This process improves visual identification of gastric and rectal structures on the mucous and submucosal as well as the distribution of vessels, making it easier to find early stage tumors.

Many visitors interested in ultrasound solutions flocked to SonoScape’s P50 trolley system and the portable X5 and E3 systems. All excellent systems with subtle differences between them to best cater to the needs of doctors using ultrasound diagnostic systems in their practice. Such as the powerful P50 with its small size, able to easily fit in any clinic or hospital and still provide crystal clear ultrasound images for a wide range of applications. Or the X5 with its exceptionally fast boot up speeds and ergonomic design making it an ideal system for emergency care scanning and the new E3, a uniquely customizable system, capable of having up to three transducer ports to introduce added flexibility for doctors. With such diversity in ultrasound systems, SonoScape can provide a solution for nearly any ultrasound need you may have.

As we close this chapter for the 79th CMEF we look back at our time at there with pride and look forward to joining in future CMEFS such as the 80th CMEF this autumn with new and exciting medical solutions.