Exciting Developments from SonoScape at CMEF 80

1970-01-01 08:33:38

In the bustling city of Shenzhen at the 80th China Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF) was held from October 29th to November 1st. Where they hosted thousands of medical device manufactures. With a large booth in the center of all the action at CMEF SonoScape took main stage and caused heads to turn and impressed visitor through the event as we launched two new and exciting products.

This year at CMEF SonoScape launched the new S60 with the Wis+ Platform and the HD-550 with the iEndo platform. The S60 is a new trolley based ultrasound system with a whole new operating platform to make the most of its new technologies and improve your ultrasound experience. For endoscopists SonoScape launched the new HD-550 high definition endoscopy system.

Striving to make the examination process easier and faster these new systems from SonoScape incorporate smart machine learning attributes of artificial intelligence. Using archived data the systems work with you during your examination by automatically assisting in providing the best possible image and with automatic features. These systems also learn with you as you continue to use them in your examinations, increasing their capabilities over time. The S60 for example with the Wis+ Platform comes with a multitude of automatic features to speed up the examination. Such as S-Fetus, a smart fetal analysis technology that collects the standard planes in the current data and then finishes further any measurements and analysis with just the press of a button. Reducing what use to be a time consuming multi-step measurement to a simple single step of pushing a button.

 It is an exciting time for the medical world as we begin to use aspects of artificial intelligence more and more to improve the quality of medical care we can give. To learn more about these new systems as well as others from SonoScape, stop by our booth at the upcoming MEDICA event later this month!