SonoScape Medical Corporation makes its first official appearance at Asian-Pacific Digestive Week 2018, exhibiting its flagship endoscopy system

1970-01-01 08:33:38

Seoul, November 15th, 2018 – SonoScape Medical Corporation (SonoScape), a Chinese leading company which develops and manufactures ultrasound, endoscopy and IVD systems, today marked its first official participation to the Asian-Pacific Digestive Week (APDW, this year in conjunction With KDDW), in Seoul COEX exhibition center. SonoScape has brought to the event its flagship endoscopy system: the HD-500 image processor, paired with its 500 series upper and lower GI scopes.

The HD-500 system provides High Definition endoscopic images and is suitable for both routine and complex endoscopic procedures. The processor uses SonoScape’s very own chromoendoscopy “Variable Intelligent Staining Technology (VIST)”, which creates a clear and bright image contrast, and greatly enhances the details of the mucosa and blood vessels. As a result, VIST makes it easier to detect lesions and to predict early stage tumors. Amongst HD-500’s most palatable features, the CMOS internal processing and the smart built-in workstation are also highly appreciated amongst its users.

Gastroenterology experts from APAC countries, including a few Korean key opinion leaders, stopped by SonoScape’s booth and inquired about SonoScape’s current and upcoming product offerings. SonoScape’s on-site team of 5 people, collaborating with their local distributors, brilliantly demonstrated the HD-500 system.

 "HD-500 is widely available in China and worldwide, and has rapidly gained customers in Korea since it became the available here at the beginning of the this year.", Ronan Lao, Global Marketing Director of SonoScape, Said: "The Doctors, happy with the high definition imaging that SonoScape offers, are also genuinely impressed by its various features. ”

“Plus, we have a full-capacity service center which recently opened in Seoul”, Mr Andrei Suh, SonoScape’s Korean distributor added, “this has really accelerated our market development by giving our customers a peace of mind.”

In addition, SonoScape has highlighted to the crowd its tremendous R&D investment and capacity, in the 7 research centers worldwide. “Innovation is our motto since our foundation. We re-invest 18% of the company’s yearly revenue into research and development.” Lao said, then concluded: “We think it will be an exciting year 2019, and so do our customers.”

SonoScape’s booth is located at E21, COEX Exhibition Hall. The congress opened its doors on November 15th at 1:30pm and it will last until the morning of Sunday, Nov 18th.