SonoScape launches its endoscopy division brand at ISGCON 2018

1970-01-01 08:33:38

Kochi, Kerala, November 28th, 2018 – SonoScape Medical Corporation (SonoScape), a Chinese leading company which develops and manufactures ultrasound, endoscopy and IVD systems, today launches its corporate brand at ISGCON 2018, the 59th Annual Conference of the Indian Society of Gastroenterology, in Lulu Bolgatty International Convention Center, Kochi, Kerala, India. This was the first time that SonoScape’s endoscopy division participated in a national-level conference in India since its market entrance in 2016. Today, SonoScape is exhibiting its HD-350 and its flagship endoscopy system: the HD-500 image processor, paired with its upper and lower GI scopes.

Both the HD-350 and HD-500 systems come with a smart built-in workstation, and are paired with scopes with CMOS image sensor. Their high quality images allow endoscopists to see more and accomplish more in one procedure. The HD-500 system, in particular, is equipped with SonoScape’s very own chromoendoscopy “Variable Intelligent Staining Technology (VIST)”, which creates a clear and bright image contrast, and greatly enhances the details of the mucosa and blood vessels. As a result, VIST makes it easier to detect lesions and to predict early stage tumors.

SonoScape has been in the Indian ultrasound market for more than a decade, but broke into the endoscopy field only in 2017. SonoScape sold its first endoscopy system HD-500 in India earlier this year. The customer, one of the largest government hospitals in Mizoram, speaks highly about the deal and the product: “We appreciated that SonoScape made available its products and service, especially its chromoendoscopy technology (VIST) and scopes of excellent manoeuvrability in the far east region of India.

“We are proud of our customers’ feedback. This deal confirmed the public hospitals’ trust in our products”, Vikas Sharma, Regional Marketing Manager of SonoScape for India, South Asia and Middle East, commented, “The number of our instalment base is growing. Today, it is the perfect opportunity for us to officially launch our endoscopy business brand at ISGCON 2018, nationwide.”

Ronan Lao, Global Marketing Director of SonoScape, added: “In India, SonoScape was earlier on recognized as a solid brand for ultrasound business. It is the right time for us to introduce to the doctors and patients our equally growing technology strength in the endoscopy division. Through our current product offerings, such as the exhibited HD-500 and HD-350 which cover a variety of market segments and customer needs, we are building up our brand footprints in India. “

Sharma continued: “SonoScape is re-investing 18% of its yearly revenue into R&D, we are expecting a few impactful new product introductions in the next 1-2 years, of the advanced, high-definition endoscopy and EUS. With our bespoke after-sales service, we are confident about our business growth in India’s large and high potential market. There has been interest from corporate hospital groups, where we aim to expand our reach.”