AI Empowers More

1970-01-01 08:33:39

On May 14, 2019, the SonoScape oversea clinical research and education multi-center inauguration took place in Shenzhen InterContinental Hotel. Senior-level ultrasound experts from 12 countries joined us in this meaningful function.

Dr. Xu Jinfeng, Director of the ultrasound Department in Shenzhen People’s Hospital, shared his experiences with SonoScape. He is very proud to see how a Chinese domestic company became globally reputable by never ceasing to innovate.
Mr. Chen Zhiqiang and Mr. Randy Hwan awarded representatives of SonoScape oversea clinical research centers from India, Germany, Philippines, Brazil, Chilie, Russia, and Mexico.

The unveiling of SonoScape S60 high end ultrasound system with AI features sets the tone for the day. Its a manifestation of how artificial intelligence could transform health care.

Head of Ultrasound Department in Maternal and Child Healthcare Hospital of Shenzhen,Professor Li Shengli, elaborating the S-Fetus function on S60.
AI is affecting the entire radiology workflow, from patient scheduling, image acquisition, diagnosis, to processing and analysis as Dr. Harsh Mahajan addressed. Its algorithms use vast amounts of medical data on which to train before machine learning can deliver powerful new ways to spot and understand the cause of disease.
Dr.Harsh Mahajan, M.D. Chief Radiologist-Mahajan Imaging
S-MSK, S-Breast, S-Thyroid incorporated in S60 applies AI into a doctor’s daily life. With automatic acquisition and measurement, through hundreds of cases, the workload for doctors and hospitals is significantly reduced.
Assessment of ultrasound systems from different make delivered by Dr. M. G. provided reference for medical workers. S60 presented better resolution and better visuality, especially in the advanced examinations and fetal echocardiography B-mode.
Dr. M. G. from Germany
Another compliment of the event - Spatio-temporal Perfusion imaging in HyCoSy is also available on S60. It's currently one of the most effective screening methods for fallopian tube patency test.
Professor Wang Shasha, Chief Physician of Ultrasound Department, Southern General Hospital of PLA
AI will be a major growth driver for any country in the world in the coming decade. The company priorities for AI are to enhance customer satisfaction, speed up decision-making, and reduce inefficiencies.  We hope to see you more in similar events, to communicate and get inspired.