One step connection, hot plugging
Zero cable involved, switching scopes has never been this convenient. Plug and play without interrupting the processor, the system guarantees a seamless procedure at any time.
Improved scope handle design
Even more comfortable to hold, the 550 series scope handle adopts an ergonomic design and a more intuitive layout, helps to reduce the fatigue in longer interventions.
Outstanding manoeuvrability
Short bending radius and gradual stiffness allows to intubate, reach and observe efficiently. The large instrument channel facilitates the therapeutic procedures.
Water jet
All the scopes are equipped with water jet function, handily aligned with the direction of the instrument channel. It washes off any mucus or blood and assures a clear view at all times.
Real waterproof
The 550 series scopes can be submerged under water or solution without a waterproof cap. They can now be cleaned and disinfected with ease, at a minimal risk of water damage by mismanipulation.