Stay Strong With Colombia: SonoScape Fights Against Covid-19

1970-01-01 08:33:41

As the second wave of Covid-19 hits Latin America, the total cases in Colombia had grown to over 2.23 million and reached a peak in late January 2021. Facing the stressful situation of Coronavirus spikes, Unidad Nacional para la Gestión del Riesgo de Desastres (UNGRD) took an agile action on medical equipment procurement and vaccine purchasing, sparing no effort to enhance local health care capability and support health staff without delay. With the solid Colombia-China relations, 200,000 doses of Chinese Sinovac vaccines arrived on time and more medical supplies are in the air. SonoScape is honored to get involved in the international collaboration, providing ultrasound solutions and witnessing new cases fall down gradually.
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UNGRD, is the unit that directs and coordinates Disaster Risk Management in Colombia, strengthening the capacities of public, private, community entities and society in general.[1]Through knowledge and implementation of disaster risk management associated with phenomena of natural, socio-natural, technological and unintentional human origin, UNGRD contributes to the improvement of the people’s life quality and sustainable development in Colombia.[1] Responding to the rapid expansion of Covid-19, the organization invested in SonoScape E3, the portable ultrasound device, and delivered to local hospitals to support frontline clinicians. The action not only meets the local health care facility needs but also actively prevent people’s burnout during the long-lasting fight against the epidemic.

The pandemic undoubtedly increased physicians’ workload and thus the effective solutions help them cope with daily work stress. Lung ultrasound plays an important role in the Covid-19 pathway since it provides diagnosis evidence based on the pleural line abnormalities indication. Local physicians expressed that SonoScape E3 stands out with the automated lung scan mode and high definition imaging, providing accurate diagnosis evidence and boosting up their confidence. Lightweight and simple operation ease the doctor’s workflow to achieve the highest productivity during work. Along with the fast response time and comprehensive service, SonoScape becomes a reliable partner to the local hospitals.

Finally till now, the new cases in Colombia dropped from 20k+ to less than 4k within a month. The downward trend brings our hope but the pandemic is far away over. SonoScape will stay with local clinicians together to combat the pandemic to the end and wish the whole world could be relieved from the invasion of Covid-19 soon in the near future.