Fuelling A Growing Cross-Country Collaboration

1970-01-01 08:33:41

​The past year brought us a wave of major changes, but 2021 has started with a note of optimism: the exchange between doctors seems to have found solid ground in the new normal. Last week, an international hybrid event “Live Endoscopy 2021” called out doctors in Egypt ( Cairo, Mansoura, and Alexandria), in Italy (Milan), and in China (Beijing).

In another time zone at Beijing Friendship Hospital – a large 1250-bed medical sanctum – the Chief Physician of Gastroenterology, Prof. Li Peng was ready and waiting to remove a mixed nodular type, colonic laterally spreading tumour (LST).

* In Mansoura University, Egypt, the Live Endoscopy 2021 being broadcast directly from five cities in three countries.
As a Chinese company gaining significant attention on the global stage in the recent years, SonoScape has been fuelling a growing connection between physicians from the east to west and shifting the interactions from regional-only to a more cross-continental format. For Live Endoscopy 2021, SonoScape opened the event’s unique broadcasting site in Asia. The representing faculty, Prof. Li Peng is one of the most well-versed endoscopists in China, a standing Committee member, and former secretary of the Chinese Society of Digestive Diseases.
Because the lesion was close to the anal verge, SonoScape’s gastroscope with a 3.2-mm instrument channel (EG-550L) was strategically selected by Prof. Li for this ESD case. “SonoScape’s virtual chromoendoscopy mode “SFI” helped to identify the edge which was not clear and could be easily missed under the white light, and this was then confirmed by the indigo carmine spray.”Commented Prof. Li as he marked the lesion border. This was followed by the dissection process, in which he showcased a number of techniques useful when dealing with a problematic lesion: double clips and ring, follow-up submucosal injection to help with the internal traction and lesion re-elevation, using dual-knife to coagulate along with the cut, etc. The 2.0x3.0-cm LST was removed en-bloc, and defect closed in less than 45 minutes.
“For mixed-nodular LSTs, our treatment is usually by en-bloc removal. SonoScape’s system is versatile with its image-enhanced light modes, and its scopes excel in manoeuvrability. I am happy that a potentially difficult case went through so smoothly." The group of moderators in Egypt echoed Prof Li’s good sentiment: “Prof. Li has done such an excellent job. We are grateful for such an impressive case presentation from China.”


​* Prof. Li Peng performing an ESD on SonoScape’s HD-550 system, on the occasion of Egypt Live Endoscopy 2021.
As the virtual meeting continues to become a way of life, the creation of global connections requires the contribution of industry partners like SonoScape. Charting the path forward, SonoScape commits to continuously bring world-class products to the medical community to help foster and maintain its global knowledge exchange.