Knowledge Exchange at WCPM 2021

1970-01-01 08:33:41

The 15th Biennial World Congress of Perinatal Medicine gathered internationally renowned speakers online from June 24th – June 26th. Encouraging to promote and exchange the knowledge of perinatal care, SonoScape has come forward to sponsor the China keynote session in which professionals share their expertise to advance the art of perinatal solutions.

ith the goal of improving outcomes of maternal, fetal, and perinatal patients, the World Association of Perinatal Medicine (WAPM), a non-profit organization, brings together groups and individuals throughout the world. Every two years, WAPM holds a worldwide congress dispersing the research and study of all aspects of perinatal medicine, and this year, SonoScape sponsored Chinese influential doctors to join the online panel, expanding the discussion on the topic of fetal heart screening and diagnosis.

As one of the Chinese pioneers who conducted multiple types of research on the special cases of fetal congenital heart malformation, Dr. Pei Qiuyan described two situations including left heart volume reduction and hypoplastic left heart. “Usually, the left heart is slightly smaller than the right when there's a left heart volume reduction, but sometimes there can be a serious decrease; While, in the hypoplastic left heart, the ultrasound features might not be obvious even the left heart is significantly smaller,” said Pei Qiuyan. "There are still many problems related to the left  heart we can not explain accurately."

Dr. Li Shengli, shared his group study on AI in obstetric ultrasound, comparing the required time by traditional scanning and new smart fetus (S-Fetus) technology, testing the agreements of these two methods, and evaluating the efficacy of S-Fetus. He expressed “I believe that scanning by robots will shape the future scanning standards and I look forward that future working mode could be fully fulfilled with the automatically obstetric ultrasound.”

Focusing on prenatal diagnosis on Coronary heart disease (CHD), Dr. Zhao Bowen introduced his topic on the intelligent fetal heart navigation by displaying Spatio-temporal image correlation (STIC) views of Tetralogy of Fallot, Complete Transposition of the Great Arteries (cTGA), and Double Outlets of Right Ventricle (DORV).“Automatically generate standard echocardiography views can shorten examination time and reduce operators' dependency,” said Dr. Zhao Bowen.

Dr. Zhao Sheng, Director of Ultrasound Department, Maternal and Child Hospital of Hubei Province, China, brought in the study on Ultrasound Diagnosis of Fetal Coronary Artery Fistula. Fetal coronary arteries may be visible in the third trimester. The further clinical course was uneventful with following coil embolization or surgery of the coronary fistula.”

The online congress offered scholars and professionals guidelines for clinical care, showing benchmarks in the calling proposing rules for examining, assessment, and solutions in perinatal prescription. By sponsoring the Chinese keynote session, SonoScape helps initiate interaction with speakers to explore perinatal subjects in depth. In a meanwhile, it creates a great opportunity to foster collaboration and establish friendship between individuals from different nations.