SonoScape Announces Launch of its Linear Echoendoscope EG-UC5T

1970-01-01 08:33:41

Last Wednesday, on 24th November in a much anticipated event, SonoScape Medical launched the latest addition to its endoscopy product line, the linear echoendoscope EG-UC5T. This virtual launch in the format of a webinar “Modern EUS: New Developments, New Options” was a collaboration with the ESGE (European Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy) and three globally renowned EUS experts.

                  The webinar panel: Dr. Ge Nan (China), Dr. Pedro Róson (Spain), and Dr. Nonthalee Pausawasdi (Thailand).

After decades of development, Endoscopic Ultrasound has evolved from a diagnostics tool alone to a myriad of new interventional applications. Following this momentum, the arrival of SonoScape’s linear-array echoendoscope EG-UC5T fulfils and exceeds the most sought-after requirement from the medical team, levelling up the vision and achievement behind the wall of the GI tract.

In the past months, product clinical trials on the new linear echoendoscope were carried on in a few world-class hospitals across different continents. Dr. Pedro Rosón, Head of Department of Gastroenterology at Quirónsalud Hospital (Málaga, Spain) is one of the early adopters of SonoScape’s EUS system. “I was very impressed with the system’s capabilities. The ultrasonic image is excellent. The scope is very easy to manoeuvre.” He shared his feedback in an innovative way during the webinar by playing a 360° VR (Virtual Reality) video.
Scan the QR code to watch the recorded live demo in VR mode. Courtesy of Dr. Pedro Rosón.

The webinar didn’t exclusively focus on users’ experience, but also offered to the audience a unique opportunity to navigate the latest EUS trends, techniques, and guidelines through a series of clinical cases – in total 14 of them, all performed on SonoScape EUS system, from Upper GI, to ampullar, biliary-pancreatic disorders, from diagnostics to EUS-guided therapy.
Dr. Ge Nan is the Professor of Shengjing Hospital of China Medical University, editor of the journal “Endoscopic Ultrasound” and a frequent speaker in international conferences. She highlighted in a case of ampulla stone scanning, that: “SonoScape’s short rigid distal end and small bending radius make it easy to direct the scope into the descending part of the duodenum.” Later on, she presented an interventional case where the scope’s 4.0-mm-large instrument channel made a difference in performing gallbladder drainage.
Along with her collection of biliary case videos, Dr. Ge Nan gave tips and tricks to achieve a successful EUS-FNA.

“Apart from being an established leader in Doppler ultrasound in the world, SonoScape’s EUS system appears to be a robust contender in the market space.” The moderator, Dr. Nonthalee Pausawasdi, President of Thai Association of GI Endoscopy, concluded.
“SonoScape’s EUS product line will certainly extend the company’s path into more and larger hospitals. The launch of our linear echoendoscope is a major milestone to be celebrated. ” said Steven He, Sales Director of Endoscopy Division at SonoScape: “I am confident that it set the company to a higher success in the coming years.”
SonoScape’s EUS system is now available on the market in most of the countries.

*This launch event will soon be available for on-demand viewing on the ESGE website as well as its official YouTube channel.