Together Reaching A New Height: SonoScape at ECR 2022

1970-01-01 08:33:42

After almost 3 years await, we finally got a chance to showcase on-site at the European Congress of Radiology (ECR 2022), embracing the joy of reunion time with our peers and customers. In mid-July, we immersed ourselves in the City of Dreams, Vienna, feeling inspired by the latest thoughts and trends in radiology. This year, with its theme“Building Bridges”, ECR has been a vehicle for sparking an active dialogue for a bright future of radiology, and SonoScape participated with its Elite Family, bringing innovative AI-powered Ultrasound solutions with a new way of diagnosis efficiency.

The need to innovate is moving faster in today's context and solutions powered by AI are revealing their great benefits. SonoScape flagship product P60 is fully upgraded with the new Intel processor and AI toolkit, allowing fast performance and stability. Our AI-assisted features for breast (S-Breast) and thyroid (S-Thyroid) can automatically contour for lesion boundaries and measure lesion size, assisting radiologists with not only clearer images but also more meaningful tools that improve clinical decisions. Our S-MSK also helps doctors easily recognize complicated musculoskeletal anatomy structures with one simple click.

The demands of customers are the driving forces behind our technology. We were so glad that we reunited with our old friends and met some new, discussing the status quo and the potential of artificial intelligence within healthcare and how we can keep improving to initiate change in the industry.

On the occasion of SonoScape's 20th anniversary with everything starting to get back on track, we enjoyed the most of this very special summer reunion. The exhibition of ECR 2022 was fulfilled with the very best science from the world of medical imaging, state-of-the-art technology, and innovative services. Pushing the technique boundaries, listening to doctors' and patients’ needs, and keeping the promises of improved clinical confidence. Together, we are aiming to reach a new height.