Better Vision for Multi-species Veterinary Care

1970-01-01 08:33:42

Just around two weeks ago, World Animal Day was celebrated under the theme "A Shared Planetwhich acknowledged animals’ importance in maintaining the ecological balance of our planet. Caring for life of our fellow beings, and reinforcing the idea that "All Creatures Great and Small", SonoScape has been devoted to exploring the veterinarian's key demands, creating a better vision for multi-species veterinary care. Combining premium performance with good value in mind, SonoScape rolls out a brand new ProPet series to help improve diagnostic accuracy and meet diverse needs for veterinary practices.
Adopting the most cutting-edge ultrasound technology, the ProPet series is able to deliver quick diagnostic information to address the ever-increasing number of challenging cases. Not only taking the images beyond the preset but also maximizing the comfort by implementing ergonomics, this brand new series will amaze you at an incredible value.

The ProPet is designed for veterinarians to ensure a high level of professionalism in all vet applications. With vet-specific software, they can get an intuitive operation and accurate diagnosis in the fastest way. 
• Flexible and Intuitive Veterinary Exam Mode makes it easy to choose from a list of animal types,  transducers  as well as preset combination in one click.
• User-definable Animal Classification
Veterinaries is able to user-define animal type and corresponding graphic exam icon in system setting for specific veterinary application.
• Dedicated Animal Patient Information Input Interface is designed specifically for veterinary environment with fields for animal’s name, species, breed and castration status.
• Professional Veterinary Measurement and Report cover a full range of applications like reproduction, cardiac and MSK, etc, providing necessary tools to the user’s needs, including Cornell & BSA animal specific formulas.
• Comprehensive Veterinary Body mark and Annotation cover 200+ veterinary bodymarks and 120+ veterinary annotations including small animals, equine, farm animals, lab animals and exotic animals with more than 20 species.

Combining the latest software and single crystal probe technology, the ProPet Series  provides exceptional images that define the subtlest pathology, from great danes to tiny exotic animals.
• SR Flow enables accurate diagnosis when the blood flow examination is especially difficult.
• Bright flow shows blood flow in vessels in a 3D like display  and helps clinicians more intuitively visualize blood flow.
• Micro F distinguishes minute flow from overlaying tissue movement effectively and depicts hemodynamic with higher sensitivity and spatial resolution.
• μ-Scan+ is delicately engineered to reduce speckles while improve image uniformity and enhance border continuity, providing authentic presentation of details and enhanced lesion display.
• HQ Scan newly develops to enhance the contrast and whole image structure with better details.

Clinical confidence requires high performance and advanced tools. ProPet is designed with advanced tools for abdomen and superficial application helping veterinarians in everyday clinical practice like never before. 
• Strain Elastography offers a real-time tissue stiffness assessment displayed as a color map to detect potential abnormalities within normal tissue. Available on linear, convex, micro-convex, and endo-cavity transducers to cover a wide range of applications.
• Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound
The non-linear contrast enhanced ultrasound imaging makes full use of harmonic and fundamental signals to give a more enhanced image of difficult-to-view blood flow.
• MFI Time provides a color coded parametric view, indicating the uptake time of contrast agents in different perfusion phases to better differentiate tissues.
• Vis-Needle reveals needle location within animal anatomy with no distortion when performing interventions like nerve blocks and tissue biopsies.
• 2D / Color Panoramic enables to extend the field of view especially for equine tendon and any mistakes can also be easily back tracked and corrected without interrupting the scan.

Equipped with SonoScape’s full range of phased array probes (S1-5, 7P-A, 8P1), sophisticated processing technology and state-of-the-art cardiac tools , ProPet series offer veterinarians a comprehensive assessment of cardiac and myocardial functions.
• Auto EF
Based on left ventricular wall tracing and Simpson's rule saves time and efforts compared with manual measurement.
• TDI uses myocardial Doppler frequency shifts to quantify myocardial tissue motion, with red and blue representing the different directions of wall movement.
Precise left ventricular wall motion detection with globally 2D speckle patterns tracking provides accurate quantitative analysis including strain, strain rate, displacement, velocity, etc. on myocardial walls.
• Stress Echo takes multiple dynamic images at rest and after stress and make side by side comparison. Professional wall motion bulls-eye scoring and reporting is provided for further effective evaluation of animal cardiac muscle viability.
• LVO enables to enhance discrimination between myocardial tissue and blood pool, providing better visualization of the endocardia border display especially for difficult patients.

Veterinarians’ work can be burdensome due to the daily in and out. SonoScape strives to get veterinarians as prepared as possible so they can focus on what they are passionate about. Better user experience always was, and always will be, our goal. 
• Sono Assistant guides clinicians through the entire exam and provides customizable scanning protocol helping streamline workflow while increasing standardization.  
• Sono-Synch makes it possible to connect ultrasound with smart devices, Laptop computer or even another ultrasound system in a remote distance and perform remote medical consultation and tutorial.
• Sono-Drop provides a fast and convenient ultrasound image transmission between ultrasound machine and smart devices.
• Auto Optimization provides intuitive one touch 2D, Color and Doppler image optimization through intelligent real-time algorithms
• Tilting and Customizable Touchscreen allows the user to move frequently used parameters and functions to the first page and can be adjusted  to accommodate user’s viewing preferences in any scanning environment. 
• EasySave allows image data and report to be saved directly on USB memory during the exam. 

With 20 years of experience in the field, SonoSacpe keeps trying to understand the facing challenges of veterinarian of today, designing with each individual’s needs in mind. Whether for daily quick checkups or advanced cardiology examinations in an academic setting, the ProPet veterinary systems can be your true friend for reliable diagnosis in a wide variety of medical conditions.