P9 Elite

Embrace Everyday with Efficiency

Ergonomics and mobile-friendly, P9 Elite smoothes each examination steps. Addressing women's lifelong health, SonoScape P9 Elite carefully considers clinical demands, providing a user-friendly platform and 3D rendering images that better assists with the finding of physical issues and healthcare needs.

Extraordinary Image Technologies

With the outstanding clear view provided by SonoScape’s advanced imaging technologies and optimized transducers, you can make clinical decisions with greater confidence.

  • μ-Scan

    The new generation μ-Scan imaging technology greatly improves the visibility of organs and lesions. The high-definition contrast resolution will suppress speckle artifacts while maintaining real tissue architecture.

  • SR Flow

    As a new innovative technology, SR Flow improves the capability of detecting low velocity flow signals. It also improves on spatial resolution and overcomes overflow to present users with real hemodynamic information.

  • WideScan

    With WideScan, the ultrasound image can be enlarged when performing a real time scan by using linear or convex probes, for a more complete view of large lesions or anatomic structures.

  • Real-time Color Panoramic

    With the combination of color flow and real-time panoramic, visualizing the blood flow of an entire vein or artery is now an easy task. Accomplished in real-time for the convenience of the sonographers, any mistake can also be easily back tracked and corrected without interrupting the scan.

Powerful Obstetrics Application, which provides dedicated 3D/4D women care from the prenatal exams to the pregnancy check.

  • Outstanding 3D/4D Imaging Quality

    Outstanding image quality in 3D/4D leads to the best visualization of the fetus, which can provide numerous messages for doctors. This strength is really ideal for the obstetric department. Besides, with abundant application solutions, the doctor can ensure satisfaction of requirements from both the pregnant mother and doctor themselves.

  • S-Live Silhouette

    Through the application of a virtual light source and shadowing effect, S-Live Silhouette sees through the surface and clearly delineates the outlines of bone, organs, cavities, vessel walls and other internal structures. It is a beneficial tool for identifying normal anatomy and diagnosing complex congenital malformations.

  • S-Live

    S-Live offers a movable virtual light source to add more lifelike rendering to the surface for a more realistic appearance of natural shadows and skin texture.

  • Auto Face

    3D fetal face visualization is significant for face anomalies diagnosis. The removal of occlusions and artifacts, such as cord, placenta, uterus and extremities, can be simply accomplished by Auto Face to get an optimal view of fetal face.

  • Auto OB

    Less keystroke required while achieving more sensitive and advanced automated common fetal biometry.

  • Auto NT

    Auto NT helps doctors quickly calculate nuchal translucency thickness and maximizes accuracy compared to manual measurements.

  • FreeVue

    Acquires any plane from 3D/4D volume data by simply defining a line in any shape. It makes it possible to view integral irregularly shaped structures not available in 2D imaging.

User-friendly Design

  • 21.5-inch LED monitor

  • 13.3-inch tilting touch screen

  • Detachable large capacity battary

  • Multi-stage temperature control gel warmer

  • Sliding keyboard

User Interaction with Care

  • Sono-Help

    An inspiring tutorial displaying probe placement, anatomy illustration and standard ultrasound image examples. As a useful reference less experienced clinicians could rely on, Sono-Help covers a variety of applications including liver, kidney, cardiac, breast, thyroid, obstetrics, vascular, etc.

  • Sono-Drop

    Sono-Drop allows wireless connection between P9 Elite and smart phones where ultrasound images can be shared to patients and their families.

  • Sono-Synch

    Real-time interface and camera sharing, enabled by Sono-Synch, makes it possible to connect two ultrasounds in a remote distance and perform remote medical consultation and tutorial.