Camera heads and rigid scopes

High performing, functional and ergonomic, SonoScape’s camera heads are equipped with CMOS image sensor. Supporting 60FPS Full High Definition digital signal, they are designed to offer a brilliant user’s experience.

The configuration and versatility you enjoy

Coming in different models to cover all the scenario under rigid scope usage. Simply use presets to switch between the types of operations, the camera head’s smart light adjustment technology will do the rest.

The international standard C-mount further guarantees better compatibility with the most common telescopes seen on the market. The camera heads are also IPX7 Waterproof.

Introducing SonoScape’s small diameter rigid scopes, perfect for a variety of medical specialities and offering endless mini mally invasive therapeutic possibilities.

The Sublime match you can ever imagine

Designed to meet the key requirements for any successful procedure, our rigid scope portfolio is the epitome of consistently clear visual field and exceptional first-class HD image quality. Pair it with SonoScape V-2000, to experience this sublime match and the efficiency it brings to your operation room.