Moving Forward to the Future: SonoScape at FLAUS 2023

1970-01-01 08:33:43

In the heart of Panama City, at the prestigious FLAUS (Latin American Federation of Society for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology), SonoScape demonstrated its commitment to advancing the future of healthcare. With its unwavering commitment to pioneering ultrasound technology, SonoScape took center stage during this prestigious congress. 
Gleaming at FLAUS
Dedicated to ultrasound, the FLAUS Congress stands as one of the most significant events in Latin America, which also serves as a platform for healthcare professionals and innovators to witness firsthand the transformative potential of SonoScape's cutting-edge ultrasound solutions. With the integration of advanced artificial intelligence, SonoScape's P60 Elite, P40 Elite, and P12 Elite were showcased at the congress, revolutionizing obstetric ultrasound exams to offer a simpler, faster, and significantly more accurate experience, leaving a profound impression on the professionals.

Knowledge Sharing Initiatives
The congress's professionalism was elevated by incorporating presents on SonoScape's artificial intelligence technology and interactive workshops, offering attendees invaluable opportunities to gain insights.
The introduction of SonoScape's AI ultrasound diagnostic function, S-Fetus, and demonstrated by Dr. Angelica Tellez (Mexico)

Demonstrations and instructions by KOL, Dr. Hector Quiroga (Venezuela)
Collaborative Engagement
SonoScape's wide-reaching sales and distribution network extends across Latin America, demonstrating our commitment to global communication and collaboration. The Forging Ahead Latam Distribution and Channel Meeting served as a heartfelt reunion, offering a valuable platform for interactions.
As a worldwide community, we took a moment to contemplate our journey, delving into our achievements, obstacles, and the wisdom gained. On the occasion of the Forging Ahead Meeting, we discussed Latin-America partnership and marketing promotion strategy, also shared our collective vision for advancing medical technology. Together, moving forward to a better future.

Opening and Welcome Speech by Mr. Liao Feixiang and Mr. Li Guangbiao
The Development of SonoScape Medical Imaging Solutions by Mr. Jose Morales and Mr. Wu Bian

Market Analysis and Promotion Experience Sharing by top-performance distributors
The Profound Relationship
SonoScape hosted a celebratory banquet, the FLAUS 2023 GALA Dinner, on the final evening of the FLAUS Congress. The event was attended by prominent KOLs and KOCs from across Latin America.
Dinner and activities sponsored by SonoScape in collaboration with the FLAUS organizing team and the FLAUS President-Elect, Dr. Edda Chaves
The evening's standout moment was a mesmerizing dance performance, showcasing Panama's vibrant cultural heritage. During the banquet, guests shared their experiences collaborating with SonoScape, emphasized productive partnerships, and deepened cooperation with Latin American KOLs. Academic discussions on various medical subjects also took place, further enhancing the exchange of knowledge and expertise.

At the FLAUS 2023 in Panama City, SonoScape not only demonstrated its commitment to advancing healthcare but also provided a comprehensive experience that encompassed product showcases, professional insights, and fruitful exchanges among industry professionals.
Starting from its inception to potential prospects, SonoScape is committed to pioneering the path to the future of healthcare. The FLAUS 2023, propelling us forward on our journey towards a dynamic and forward-thinking healthcare landscape.