EB-5H20 & EB-5T28

Total Control in the Airways

From conventional to interventional bronchoscopy, the EB-5H20 and EB-5T28 provide a new, versatile duo. They cover physicians’ needs to navigate and sample, as well as to manage various conditions.

Outstanding Functionality
EB-5T28’s large instrument channel renders a better suction, and can accommodate the passage of a wider range of instrument options.

Less Limitation
EB-5H20’s slim diameter allows physicians to visualize as deep as the fourth-order into the tracheobronchial tree, reaching a high diagnostic yield.

Powered by SFI1/VIST2
SFI/VIST provide an enhanced visualization of surface structure and mucosal morphology, which helps to detect, demarcate and characterize airway inflammation and lesions.

1SFI: Spectral Focused Imaging
2VIST: Versatile Intelligent Staining Technology

Outstanding Functionality
Zero cables are involved, plug and play either scope without interrupting the processor, the system guarantees a seamless procedure at any time.

Real water proof
Both scopes can be cleaned and disinfected directly with a minimal risk of water damage by mismanipulation, which indeed lightens your team’s workload.

The EB-5H20 & EB-5T28 is paired with: