The New Silk Road of Endoscopy

1970-01-01 08:33:43

A dynamic Chinese enterprise on the world stage, SonoScape is committed to facilitate and nurture connections between medical professionals from the East and the West, and this has yielded impressive result – like in Egypt. For the past years with the help of its local partner, SonoScape established itself as one stalwart supporter to major Egypt GI conferences, bridging Chinese and Egyptian doctors together, catalyzing a vibrant inter-continental exchange of clinical expertise, and forming a new Silk Road of endoscopy.
The Egypt Endoscopy Live is such a platform. Held at the beginning of this month, Egypt Endoscopy Live featured a unique “SonoScape Day” on February 3rd: an opening live case all the way from Beijing Friendship Hospital by Prof. Li Peng (China), followed by live demos from Prof. Liu Mei (China), Dr. Enrique Perez (France), local faculty Dr. Mostafa Ibrahim (Egypt) and Dr. Ahmed Altonbary (Egypt), etc.

Third-Space Endoscopy

Prof. Li performed an ESD with the very latest addition of the SonoScape GI scope family, the EG-550Z Optical Magnification Gastroscope. Prior to the resection, the magnification allowed Prof. Li to closely observe and demarcate the rare and unusually large lesion.
In the following case of POEM to treat a type II achalasia, Prof. Liu from Tongji Hospital proved her consummate skills in third-space endoscopy, as well as the impressive maneuverability of SonoScape’s 550 series gastroscope. Benefiting from the scope’s slim body, large angulation and instrument channel, Prof. Liu was able to intubate and cut with ease. And this is not all –the scope’s integrated water jet function further reduced the procedure time.

The afternoon session was joined by some of the most notable echoendoscopists of the region. Several EUS cases were being broadcasted directly from Egypt. The esteemed trio Dr. Enrique Perez, Dr. Mostafa Ibrahim, and Dr. Ahmed Altonbary offered their high praise for SonoScape’s EUS system.

The success of the 'Egypt Endoscopy Live' is a resounding endorsement of SonoScape's expanding portfolio across the continents. Onwards, under the company’s initiative “Scoping and Dialogue” program – a dedicated plan to foster even greater communication and learning channels between doctors – SonoScape continues to work with medical professionals across the world, providing them with high-quality tools and exclusive training opportunities to better improve lives.