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Multi-cultural Team

Present as an option:With talents from over 20 countries and diverse backgrounds, SonoScape provides all staffs a multinational working environment, a workplace where wisdom from different fields converges together to inspire more possibilities. Join SonoScape to unleash your potentials.

7 global research and development centers


Our products are present in over 130 countries


We have our own staff in over 20 countries

  • Sales

    Develop and implement sales plans to achieve sales targets; Manage distributors/channels to ensure alignment with company goals; Maintain relationships with KOLs in the region.

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  • Marketing

    Organize marketing activities and brand building; Product training and demo presentation; Establish refenrece sites and relationships with KOLs.

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  • Service

    Trouble-shooting, repair and maintain variable systems; Product installation and maintenance training; Online technical support and after sales service.

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  • By pursing a line of technological innovation in the Healthcare field, SonoScape has set itself the goal to modernize medical equipment in the hospitals of the world.

  • Five years ago we started our work with SonoScape and since then we have noticed the evolution in their products and how robust and reliable they are. SonoScape's commitment to its employees, partners and end customers reflects the success in our region.

  • I am with SonoScape more than one year and during this time I have learnt so much and the support provided by higher management is also phenomenal. It is a great compamy to build a carrier as sonocape is growing very fast. Happy to be a part of SonoScape Family.

  • Having been with SonoScape for more than 13 years, a leading technology company from China, I have travelled around the world bringing cost effective solutions to the ultrasound and endoscopy medical market. Our customers become my friends now.