Illuminating the Pathway to Detail


FHD Surgical Imaging System

Clear Endoscopic View

3CMOS, 1920*1080P output with 60 fps FULL HD resolution, providing optimally defined surgical field of view, enhancing the surgeon’s visual experience, and supporting the approach to delicate procedures with ease.


Image Resolution with Progressive Definition

VIST Technology

A versatile yet intelligent staining imaging system based on the principles of variable absorption coefficients of hemoglobin to different light wavelengths, offering both electron and optical dyeing functions. VIST enhances the details of the mucosa and blood vessels, providing improved lesions detection and in vivo diagnosis.

  • 400 500 600 700(nm)

    Vascular contrast distribution spectral curve

  • VIST Spectrum

Image Processor


  • 1080P video output

  • Versatile Intelligent Staining Technology (VIST)

  • Intuitive Brightness Balancing and Dimming

  • Integrated USB storage for FHD picture and video recording.

  • 0-9 step sharpness enhancement

  • 3 digital metering modes

  • Camera Head

    3CMOS FHD image sensor
    4 customizable buttons
    Universal C-mount
    IPX7 waterproof
  • The Laparoscope Portfolio

    HD image quality
    Scratch resistant sapphire crystal lens
    Superior sealing design for increased durability
    Autoclavable up to 134℃.
    5/10 mm diameter, 0°/30° viewing angles
  • Medical Grade Monitor

    27-inch surgical display
    1920*1080 full color HD resolution
    High brightness LED backlight with output stabilization
    Viewing Angle: Horizontal 178°/ vertical 178°
    IPX5 display panel designed for ease of sterility.

Cold Light Source

Offering two cold light source options, the xenon light source is brighter and closer to natural light, the image projection lighting effect promises to be realistic and more hierarchical. The LED light source ensures high intensity and consistent illumination with a higher service life compared to Xenon light sources. It also minimizes unit downtime and upkeep expenses making it economical and GREEN (Environmentally Friendly), provides multi-spectral output, which improves the detection rate of small lesions.

  • Xenon lamp


    300W xenon lamp for better color rendering.
    Compatible with VIST functions.
    Compatible with fiberoptic imaging requirements.
  • LED light


    Multispectral output enhanced mucosal vascular contrast display.
    Long life, main lamp working time ≥10000 hours.
    Electronic dimming technology.

Hybrid Endoscopic Solutions IOUS-assisted Laparoscopic Solutions

Progressing a new standard in synergized solutions for precise diagnosis and treatments in MIS

  • Laparoscopic Ultrasound

  • 2K FHD Video Endoscopy System

  • FHD Video Endoscopy System