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4K UHD Surgical Endoscopy System

Ultra-High Definition

UHD 3CMOS sensor 3840*2160 Image Resolution BT.2020 Image Enhancement Technology

4K UHD Surgical Image

Improved distinction of tissue detail, True color representation, Enhanced depth of field.

Gamut range:
4K BT.2020
HD BT.709
Wider color gamut allows for more accurate color generation for a realistic surgical view and naturally distinguishes tissue boundaries, such as lymph nodes, blood vessels, nerves, etc

Image Enhancement Technology

  • BackLight Compensation (BLC) technology for a comprehensive overall posterior illumination.

  • Progressive brightness distribution via automatic metering and dimming technology.

  • Natural image noise reduction and sharpness enhancement technology providing attention to detail and improved clarity.

Multi-LED Cold Light Source

A 4-LED cold light source helps to achieve higher spectral freedom and better color restoration. SFI: Swift determination in abnormal blood supply. VIST: Distinguish medium and superficial micro vessels, reducing risks of tissue injuries.

One touch 4K UHD video recording

Built-in 4K image capturing module allows recording and storage of surgical procedure videos via USB storage.

Hybrid Endoscopic Solutions IOUS-assisted Laparoscopic Solutions

Progressing a new standard in synergized solutions for precise diagnosis and treatments in MIS

  • Laparoscopic Ultrasound

  • 4K UHD Video Endoscopy System

  • FHD Video Endoscopy System